Day 36~Save on Groceries

There are many ways to save on groceries that don’t include the time consuming task of clipping coupons.  However; if coupon clipping is your thing, go right ahead.

In addition to coupon books and flyers, there are several online sites that offer printable grocery coupons or customer codes for discounts.  These can add up to savings fast.  I just discovered : ).

What I generally do to save time and money is just a fast glance at each of the grocery flyers when they are delivered each week.  I limit my time with the flyers to only 10 minutes.  I see who has the sale that will provide me with the biggest financial impact and then shop there.  For example, if there’s an item that I regularly purchase several of, and I can get it now for >50% off, I’ll stock up.

I set a limit of only 2 stores, so I don’t run all over town.  Time is valuable.  As for my 10 minute limit with the flyers; it took practice to be able to speed-read through all of the flyers.  Now that I can, I can put them into the recycling box almost right away.  I no longer have stacks of papers around the house.

Some weeks many stores will have great specials.  And other weeks, the specials will barely be worth it.  I’ve learned that everything goes on sale at some point.  So I don’t get upset when I miss a good one.  There will be more.

This philosophy saves a lot of headaches because I don’t often overspend.  I just wait for another sale.  If there are no good sales at the time, I purchase only perishable items.  I pay attention to the price, packaging, and location the food comes from.

I have a chest freezer so I can freeze prepared meals.  Each time I make a decent dish and have leftovers, I package it up and put it in the freezer for another night.  It saves on food, time and money.  It’s also so convenient to have a home cooked meal when I’m short on time.

Sometimes when I purchase items in bulk, I split the items and cost with a friend or family member.  This only works when the item is easily split and everyone involved wants to share the item and cost.

Also when I shop, I’m aware of clever marketing techniques.  I stay on guard and vow not to fall prey to marketing tricks.  The reason grocery stores put important items like milk, bread, and eggs in the back of the store is because people run out of them often.  The stores then strategically place items where customers will purchase more than they came for.  This technique keeps customers in the store longer and sells more products.  It’s great for the stores, but not so great for the people who want to save money.

Marketing is a fine art.  I respect it, but will not fall victim to it.

Last but not least, I plan my grocery trips.  I prefer to shop on my own.  I love to spend time with my family, but shopping with them makes grocery trips much more expensive.  They throw things into the cart and I keep saying, ‘No’, ‘no’, no.  I don’t like it.  We get along better when I just bring the food home.

Money Saving Grocery Tips in a Nutshell:

  1. Clip coupons; either online or from flyers (only what you would usually buy anyway).
  2. Speed  read flyers.  Choose best specials.  Stock up on non-perishables during specials.  Buy perishables as needed.
  3. Set limits for your time: eg. Shop at 2 stores only, 10 minutes of flyer reading.
  4. Delegate some shopping to someone else instead of going to too many stores.
  5. Shop in bulk (if it’s a good price and reasonable to purchase large quantity).  Split items with friends or family (both item and cost of item).
  6. Plan your trips.  Know what you’re getting ahead of time.  Make a List!
  7. Shop alone.  Avoid people throwing things into the buggy; adding to your purchase.
  8. Shop on a full stomach.  You’re less likely to buy extra items.
  9. Don’t fall for clever marketing tricks.  You’re smarter than that.
  10. Freeze leftover meals.  It saves money, food, and time.  =D

I LOVE saving money on groceries!

Princess PW

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