Day 68 to Day 72~Backseat Blogging

Well, as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been as faithful to my blog as I’ve been in the past.  After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to write less often; although I’m still continuing my 365 day quest on saving and making money AND my ‘No Spending Money for a Year’ Game.  I will just have to write sporadically.

Blogging is taking a back seat.  A back seat to ACTION.  There are times in life when priorities have to be shifted.  Times when a situation gives you only 2 options: Panic and wait for the consequences OR Take complete and focused action.

Right now, I am taking complete and focused action.

I owe more money this month than I have in a long time.  But, it’s not an impossible amount.  And if it was, I’d probably still find a way to make it work.

For anyone new to my blog, let me fill you in.  I just moved into a beautiful, but expensive house.  It has a lot of rental and business potential; otherwise I never would have done it.  I borrowed a little money for last month’s rent because this place came up quickly and I wasn’t ready for it.

Although I wasn’t ready, I had the income to support the costs.  The problem came when my tenants moved out at the same time I lost half of my child support.  And the house had been badly abused (student rental) before I moved in, so there was a lot to do to make it attractive to new tenants; especially in the off season.

So, the house is almost fully painted and furnished.  It’s finally looking great.  We’ve been here for over a month now.  Just today I got pictures posted on a few sites online for the rooms.  I’ve also calculated a way to afford to have someone clean the parts of the house that are difficult for me (and had 2 responses within the past half hour).  I only posted these ads a half an hour ago.  That’s a good sign.  : )

I have been offered a paying job.  I don’t have child care yet, and don’t know how or when I will find it.  But, if I can get trustworthy, safe, and reliable child care, I will be working on a project (that ties into the project I’m currently doing) AND I will be getting paid for my work.  That’s a change.

Although I’m terrific with money, I always want to help people and more often than not, do things for free.  I enjoy being generous.  I don’t enjoy being taken advantage of.  I’ve recently begun to speak up and stop giving when I believe I am being taken for.

Going back to the Backseat Blogging aspect of this post:  I will continue to write for the entire year.  I have a journal/daybook/idea keeper that I record everything in.  So, even if I’m not blogging, I’m keeping track of my $ journey still.  I’ll fill you in from time to time and write money saving tips and articles.  : )

Thanks for your support!  I appreciate it.  Happily posting,

Princess Pennywise

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