Day 66~Delegating is Getting Easier

I finally came to peace with the fact that I need to ask for help in order to achieve success in the elementary school projects I’m working on.

I’ve spent so much time worried about my financial situation and doing everything I can to bring in an income.  I even started to feel panicked.  The key word here is ‘started’.  Once I was able to shift my energy and feel secure knowing everything will work out; I was able to see more ways to create wealth and complete tasks, all while putting forth less effort than before.

Although I’m still devoting a lot of time and effort to my projects, I feel like I’m spending less time on them, and like I have more energy to accomplish them.

One of the reasons for this is that I’ve started asking for help with the components of the work project that are either difficult for me, or take more time than I can contribute right now.  I also came clean with a few people about the reality of my financial situation and the fact that I do not get paid for the work I put in; unless I find funding.

From one day’s discussions with people, I was able to find help in the following areas relating to the project: writing funding proposals, having landscape plans drawn, additional volunteers, and funding source direction.

Wow!  That takes so much off of my plate!  It has made it easier already for me, just knowing I have help.  And the fact that I don’t have to pretend that I’m not a work-from-home mom.  It’s so strange that in our culture, we’re supposed to look like we don’t have children when we’re working.  Mothers can accomplish many things.  And kids are an extension of them.  Why hide it??  I’m rather proud of them, and me.

I’ve come to peace with this too.  And since all of this, I’ve been much more productive and less fearful with regards to the project.  Project success and payment for my contributions are looking closer every day!  It’s getting exciting!

What’s more exciting is the fact that I know that I/we can bring amazing environments, education, gardens, and eco-interactive play areas into these schoolyards.  The kids are going to be so happy.  And I’m glad to be a catalyst for this change.

Princess PW

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