Day 64~No More Tenants

My only remaining tenant moved out today.  I will miss him.

Alas, he’s off to bigger and better things.  That’s a nice way of saying that he moved because the transportation in this area stinks.  He’s gone back to his country to visit his family for a few weeks, and then he’ll be moving back to this area; but to a more convenient location.

Well; it was good while it lasted.

I do have another tenant moving in here in May.  I showed the room to one person the other day; and will show another on Tuesday.  Who knows?  I’m sure something will come about.  Things have a way of working out.

The two tenants who just left though, were the best tenants ever.  I hope the next ones are just as nice; or somehow the transportation here becomes better; and that they move back in.  That would be the best situation ever.

I’m tired, and off to bed.  I’ve got a lot going on tomorrow, so I’ve got to get sleep!!  Goodnight.

Princess PW

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